Foster Care Spotlight: Vikki & James Sheekey

How long have you been foster carers?
We have been foster cares for just over a year. 

Why did you want to be a foster carer?
I wanted to become a foster carer to give children a loving and safe home. I pitched this to my family and they fully agreed! We have ended up with parent and baby placements, we didn’t expect this, but are still able to mirror a happy family and support parents with their babies. 

How have you found being foster carers?
We couldn’t love it anymore! We have realised this is what we are meant to do! It comes with pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons massively! 

How has your family found being a fostering family?
My family have been really supportive to the people we have welcomed into our home. Our children especially, have shown empathy and kindness – we all play a part and work as a team.

Have there being any unexpected challenges/pleasant surprises?
We had a challenging time with our first placement, he wasn’t interested in being with the mother of his baby and showed this in really challenging ways. I was supported fully by the on call staff while this panned out. Also, working with a certain LA was challenging, there was no communication and social workers changed weekly! However, on the plus side, we were pleasantly surprised by how much support we have been offered within our company – so we never felt alone. 

Would you recommend fostering if so why?
Without a doubt! I would encourage everyone who can, to foster! It’s changed our lives for the better, and those that have stayed with us. A simple gift of giving someone a happy and safe environment to live in has got to be the most rewarding role ever! It has definitely opened the eyes of my children and their friends, seeing how different people’s lives can be, they feel very lucky to have the life they have. 

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